Nowadays people are loosing temper very easily.

Nowadays people are loosing temper very easily . It may be with peers, colleagues, parents, spouse, partners or public in general. Causes or trigger are of various nature. Common causes are disagreement, dismissal of any proposal, unfulfilled wishes or feeling of threat to self respect. How we deal with refusal/rejection that is very important. If the someone is not accepting your proposal/demand or not being able to fulfill your wish , that does not mean that the person is rejecting you as a whole, it is only a non compliance of a particular issue and it is absolutely okay. It is important to make an agreement with the disagreement. For that one needs to have a healthy acceptance of his/her own self. Self acceptance enhances self growth and makes it easier to handle these disagreements.

Another very common observation is lack of patience. People are always in rush. No time for thinking or considering other’s point of view. Heated argument in public transport or other public areas, others while getting down from public transport and honking relentlessly while driving , abusing others even in the presence of elders are very common nowadays. This lack of patience may be the result of stress , unhappiness, impulsivity, poor control over frustration ,dissatisfaction over many things etc. . In recent past we have came across many incidents, where people abused others (physical abuse or verbal abuse), caused harm to others for apparently very trivial issue. At times this violence has resulted in an end of life.

Anger is sometimes used as an instrument to dominate others and establish power. This reflects his/her feeling of inadequacy. Why do we need to establish power? What power do we want to establish? If you believe in your inner power, then why force is needed to establish that? Look into yourself and explore the answers. If you are stuck seek help. Seeking help for these issues are not a defeat on your part. One need to develop a sense of worth to feel secure from inside. In order to develop control over anger and other temperamental issues one should go to its root cause.

It is high time to be aware of our mental health issues. Without taking care of mental health, it is impossible to build a healthy society. Just like physical health checkup one should also consult mental health professional to talk about any issue that is bothering him /her and interfering with their daily performances.