Parameter of interpersonal relationship.

Communication is an important parameter of interpersonal relationship. It involves listening, speaking , observing and empathizing. In this modern time, people are living an superfast and ultra modern life . Thus there is very little time to interact and communicate with each other. It results in misunderstanding ,miscommunication , interpersonal conflicts, grievances etc.

Nowadays people are also replacing words with abbreviations, GIF , emoji etc. It is also observed that many people prefer to interact through sms/ what's app messages etc. instead of talking to the person . All these are really alarming / detrimental to interpersonal relation and suggests intervention for development of communication skill and coping mechanism as well .

While relationship problem has multiple causes , communication problem is one of the most significant underlying one . Developing adequate communication skill can solve multiple problems in a relationship. Some important relationship problem discussed below:

Parent- Child relation: many parents just set everything for their child to assure the best outcome for their child. Actually parents are supposed to be the anchor of the whole process of development. Parenting should not be an outlet of their unfulfilled wishes and unreached goals. Discussion regarding child's wish /dream and ways of nurturing that as well as presenting parallel optifor building career could bring an excellent result.

Couple relationship: Adaptve communication regarding expectation from each other promotes development and maintainance of a good partnership/ companionship. On the contrary , silence creates distance. Discussion over any conflict or disagreement , after the remission of acute rage or any other intense emotion, helps to resolve the conflict .

Nowadays relationship problems are very common. As a clinical psychologist ,I would suggest to develop healthy interpersonal relationship .

People are suffering from deep rooted insecurities ( at times resulted in mistrust, hypervigilence etc. ) . All these insecurities are rooted in early childhood experiences. That is why childhood is very important phase of life and parenting is a very delicate task.