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Due to ever increasing expectations, competitiveness, consumerisms, loneliness and many other factors, mental health issues have become wide spread and perhaps the most alarming concern in the present society.
A holistic approach of mental health addresses the emotional, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of a person while designing a treatment plan. Though people nowadays are becoming more aware and insightful of various mental issues and coming forward to seek help , but mental health issues are still neglected and unattended at large.
This lead s to more complicated and complex problem s and interferes with different functions of daily life Your therapist will work according to the individual needs of each client following mainly the COGNITIVE BEHAVIOUR THERAPY (CBT) model.

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Assertive Training

Assertiveness is not a personality trait. It is seen that different people shows different degrees of assertion at different sphere of there life. Some are partially assertive(Assertive in some situations not in others), some are non assertive. Non assertive people feel powerless, helpless ; they are often taken for granted ; they say yes to inappropriate demands and allow others to choose for them.

Whereas, assertive person stands up for their own right, expresses themselves appropriately, take charge of themselves in interpersonal context and take ownership of their choices.

Assertiveness training is a form of therapy that helps people manage their emotions and communicate more effectively. It is beneficial for everyone, but it is especially useful for people who struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.

Use of Assertive Training?

Assertive training is an appropriate choice of therapy in certain conditions e .g. Social Anxiety,Depression, Displaced anger outbursts (resulting from unexpressed emotions). It is also very helpful for enhancement of interpersonal communication skill and sense of self respect.

Anxiety and other psychological disorders are often caused by the way we think and feel about ourselves. Inadequate skills for interpersonal communication also affects person’s sense of self worth and leads to emotional distress. Assertive training can help you change your thoughts in order to overcome these feelings and improve your overall mental health.