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Due to ever increasing expectations, competitiveness, consumerisms, loneliness and many other factors, mental health issues have become wide spread and perhaps the most alarming concern in the present society.
A holistic approach of mental health addresses the emotional, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of a person while designing a treatment plan. Though people nowadays are becoming more aware and insightful of various mental issues and coming forward to seek help , but mental health issues are still neglected and unattended at large.
This lead s to more complicated and complex problem s and interferes with different functions of daily life Your therapist will work according to the individual needs of each client following mainly the COGNITIVE BEHAVIOUR THERAPY (CBT) model.

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Somatoform Disorder

Somatoform disorder is a mental health condition where sympt oms manifested in the body without any demonstrable physical cause. Rather there is a strong evidence for connection with psychological factors and conflicts.

Factors contributing in the development of
Somatoform Disorders :

  • Hyper sensitivity to bodily sensations and pain
  • Family influences
  • Exposure to chronic Stress
  • Illness perception and other personality factors

Diagnosis of somatoform disorder can be done by mental health providers and other health professionals by eliminating the possibility of physical illness (e.g. absence of any finding in laboratory test results).


CBT is an effective treatment method for Somatoform Disorder. It helps you to explore and adapt your belief and expectation about health condition and physical symptoms. Thus it helps to reduce physical symptoms and underlying psychological distresses.

CBT is an effective treatment method Examine and adapt your beliefs and expectations about health and adapt your beliefs and expectations Examine and adapt your beliefs and expectations about and adapt.